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Hey there, y'all!

Tamera Anastasi, CPT

AKA Southern Missfit

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What is a Mis(s)fit anyway?


According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary,  A Mis(s)fit is:  

1: something that fits badly

2: a person who is poorly adapted to a situation or environment



***#3: A strong, determined, honest, confident, unique, joyful, beautiful, motivated and PERFECTLY IMPERFECT woman....bring on a Southern twist (and accent) and ya got the name!

Why do I call myself a misfit?  It's not known to be very inclusive or something we should be proud of but guess what?!? I proudly raise my hand to this definition and I hope you will embrace it too!   We are all misfits in Gods eyes.  Jesus was Gods ultimate misfit, who sacrificed everything for us...the ultimate outcast.   He set out seeking those who didn't quite 'fit' in to change the world.  I strive to be one He uses to influence, inspire, empower and bring joy to women near and far.  

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, specializing in Women's Fitness and Behavior Change.  I have been blessed the last 12+ years to meet and train women from around the world.  Every single one of them is inspiring and has touched my heart in some way.  

It is my passion to educate women on how to eat healthy, workout, find happiness and freedom, and live their best lives everyday.  When women are empowered guess what happens?  It trickles down to their family and friends.  It inspires others to do the same. Empowered and strong women Grow Stronger Families.  Focusing on the WHOLE you, my method is quite simple: 

  • NO diets - A more holistic idea about nutrition - Food is Medicine

  • Mindset check - Your body will not go where your mind doesn't tell it

  • Strength and Circuit Style resistance training

  • Flexibility - Can do it anywhere - No excuses

  • No fail system using accountability and being with like-minded ladies


AND most importantly:​

  • No cattle herding here!  I pride myself on building a trusting relationship with each client, digging deep into creating positive changes through fitness, nutrition, mindset and lots of cheering! I want to create a community, not just clientele.

Show up to YOUR life and make it a good one!


Little Fun Facts:


       I love to travel, meet new people and laugh a lot

       I need Sunshine and to be Outside!

       I am a lover of tortilla chips, salsa and craft brews (I am married to a Craft Brewer, so....)

       We are a Spartan family

       I love plants to death, literally.  My husband says that he can hear them screaming as I walk by at a nursery. 

       If I had a warning label it would say "High probably of being Hangry"

       The toilet paper goes OVER not UNDER people!  You can guarantee that if I visit your house and it is under, I cannot control         myself but to fix it.


       Family Motto is: 

              "We don't say we CAN'T, we say we CAN!"


       Family Rule #1:   

                Eat all of your avocado.  Hey, its precious stuff...priorities.  





Embrace your squish!

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