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Janine, LA

I have been working with Tamera for a little less than a year. She has made working out so much fun while pushing me past my comfort zone which is exactly what I needed. She is also knowledgeable with nutrition as well. She is encouraging and always motivating us to be better than yesterday ❤


Lynette, LA

I wanted to share my story with you. I am a 56 year young woman, married with 2 children, ages 11 and 18.  After years of being a faithful gym guru, I started to find myself not feeling so great after those strenuous cardio and hard weight lifting workouts.  Plus I wasn't noticing improvements, just maintenance.  In the fall of 2018, I met Tamera where our boys were taking jiu jitsu/kickboxing class.  It's there she told me she was a fitness coach and I could clearly see what she does with her tiny fit figure!  Shortly after, ironically so, we started the same Women's Bible Study at the same school our children attend.  As each week passed, we all got to know each other more personally.  When she began sharing with us her desire to help women meet their fitness goals, it became clear that this is not only her passion but one of her many talents.  I decided to take the plunge and start training with her.  I had never trained with a fitness coach before and though, why not?  Not really knowing what to expect, I was completely addicted after my first class!  Tamera's program is challenging yet not impossible!  It pushes me right over my comfort zone.  It also allows me to train as hard as I like.  I can pick the weights I need to push myself and even add additional rep and sets to fit my personal goals.  After a days workout with her, I felt rejuvenated and not depleted or worn out like I used to feel after heavy weights and intense cardio.  I find myself looking forward to the next days workout. Anyone considering training with Tamera, needs to seriously consider taking the plunge!  I did and am so happy with my decision!! 


Shelby, LA

Tamera's workouts are always enjoyable because there is plenty of variety and it's never boring.  Her style is warm and personable.  She challenges you to achieve your fitness goals with a balanced approach, both pushing you to succeed yet patient with the process.  I would tell anyone starting to exercise to use Tamera to jumpstart your healthier lifestyle.


Kacy, Ethiopia

I was so lucky to have Tamera in my life when we lived in Bangladesh. There were limited opportunities for outdoor activity, and it was sometimes challenging to stay motivated to go to the gym, so when Tamera started a circuit training class I knew I had to join. Tamera tailored the class to meet the needs of all participants and was an enthusiastic, dedicated trainer. She emphasized the importance of both strength and cardio exercise and provided guidance and expertise in such an encouraging way. 


I highly recommend Tamera. Not only is she passionate about what she does, but she is personal and understanding in her approach. She cares greatly for her clients and works to find the best path in order to help them accomplish their goals. You will not regret reaching out to and working with Tamera!

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Kelly Rose, KY

There is power in numbers!!!


What I like best about working with Southern Missfits is the community that Tamera creates. I was not one for working out, or any physical activity really, before working with Tamera. She is excellent with beginners who may feel out of their comfort zone. She has helped me get in shape and have fun while doing it! Due to my lack of personal motivation in the fitness area, the encouraging community that comes with the program is unmatched. Tamera has taught the group how to get motivated and actually ENJOY working out! 


The results are unbelievable! Tamera has helped to increase my confidence and overall health with the program. I was enjoying the community and challenge so much that the results came as a surprise to me! I've never participated in anything quite like this and I recommend it to everyone. To sum it up, joining Southern Missfits has been life-changing!


Nadine, Brazil

Doing emPower workouts with Tamera was like joining a secret society in understanding that women can be strong, encouraging and beautiful.  Tamera would kick my butt every single time I would do her workout and every single time I thought I wouldn't survive, yet every single time I did. With Tamera I got strong.  I got confident. I had abs! Her workouts are the real deal and I miss having her close to me to join one of her crazy ass-kicking and empowering circuits.

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